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Data Storage

Store data on the data drive on the local machine:

D\Data may be deleted at anytime.           Do not leave your data here! 


The core staff will clean the computer drives occasionally. This means that your profile, desktop and data from the data drive will all be removed. We will also remove other files that look like they are not needed.


The core-server was set up by the IGB Computer Network and Research Group (CNRG) as a place for core users to store their data long term and move it back to your office. You do not need to bring thumb drives or other devices that could bring a computer virus into the core when you come to collect data. Move your data off of the local machine onto the core server at the end of each imaging session. Your PI will have a folder on the core-server and you can make a sub folder for your work. you will have access to all of the sub folders in your PI's folder but not other PI's folders. All of the data in your PI's folder was paid for by your PI and belongs to him/her.
Your PI will be charged $8.75/terabyte every month  Email for information on charges and tape backup for long term storage. 

Long Term Storage

CNRG provides tape backup for long term storage for $200/ terabyte