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IGB Core Training

This book will contain Training materials for each instrument

600MHz NMR

NMR Training

Axio Scan Z1

Axio Scan Z1 Operating Manual 1. Make sure the slide scanner switch on the back and on the front...

Axio Zoom V16 Operating Manual

Power ON Routine 1. Turn on X-Cite epi-fluorescence light source for fluorescence imaging 2. T...

Basic Optics

Initial Training for Optical Microscope Users



To begin, I would recommend that one starts with the official empanada guidebooks as located here...

Köhler Illumination

Köhler Illumination for Brightfield Köhler illumination is a method for evenly illuminating the...

Lsm 700 Info

LSM 710

LSM 900


Molecular resolution in 2D and 3D


Types of Labelling for Microscopy

The types of labelling used depends on the type of microscope or imaging technique. 1. Transmiss...