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Basic programming and scripting
You just need someone who "can code". For instance, to write programs that can read data files in standard formats, do common-sensical operations on the data (such as sorting, comparing, filtering, etc), and write out results into files.
Statistical data analysis
You need someone to do one or more statistical analyses, from summarizing data to identifying trends and testing statistical hypotheses.
Machine learning
You have “high dimensional” descriptions of many samples (e.g., transcriptomic profiles from dozens of experiments, sequences of hundreds of proteins, morphological measurements on many plants), and want to relate some quality of the sample to the high-dimensional description (e.g., relate disease/healthy status to patient transcriptomic profiles).
Data management and databasing
You want a very large amount of data to be searched or subjected to simple operations such as filtering and sorting. Rule of thumb: if you need to do “Excel”-type manipulations but the number of rows is too large for Excel or the operations require working with data in multiple sheets simultaneously, this may be what you need.
Web site front-end development
You want to create/design a website with basic functionality such as presenting information, allowing downloads of data.
Web site back-end development
You want to create a web “server”. For instance, GENBANK is a web server. A web server provides a web interface to data and simple operations on the data. For instance, GENBANK provides access to the sequence database and allows you to align a particular sequence to the database sequences. If you want to make your data available to others in a manner that goes beyond simple downloads, this might be what you need. Note: this is typically a significant investment.
Algorithm implementation for in-house use
You need a program written that does something “specialized” for the data types available. An example of “specialized” would be a program for aligning multiple sequences (pretending such code did not already exist). Another example will be a program for protein identification from mass-spec data (again assuming it did not exist).
Application programming & Software engineering
You want a programmer to create a robust software or pipeline of tools that goes beyond exploratory use, for instance being intended for lab use for several years or for sharing with the community.